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Unleash Online Dominance

Whether you seek a Google overhaul or just a social media manager, our plans are tailored to meet all your digital marketing needs.

One Month Trial Applicable For All Plans. 

Digital Marketing Plan

In our comprehensive digital marketing plan, we strategically integrate Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing (Blogs, Articles), and Display Advertising, etc. Employing SEO strategies enhances visibility across these channels. This includes a thorough overhaul of all Google apps and websites, ensuring peak performance.

Our certified team will curate engaging content, implement targeted campaigns, and utilize data-driven insights. The plan encompasses continuous SEO optimization, real-time monitoring, and weekly performance analysis. The goal is to maximize your online presence, drive organic traffic, and achieve measurable results across the diverse landscape of digital marketing.

Social Media Plan

In our social media marketing plan, we will strategically curate and implement campaigns across various social platforms, utilizing our professional camera gear and robust editing software for high-quality content creation. This includes targeted content creation, audience engagement strategies, and data-driven analysis for optimal performance. This encompasses an in-depth ad campaign, complemented by weekly feedback reports by certified professionals.

Continuous refinement of strategies, real-time monitoring, and staying aware of social media trends, coupled with the your own certified media manager, will be integral to ensuring the effectiveness of the plan. Our goal is to enhance your brand's presence, drive high quality leads, and achieve measurable results in the dynamic realm of social media. From content creation to social media management, consider it done.

Resurgence Plan

Our Resurgence plan seamlessly combines both the Social Media Plan and the Digital Marketing Plan to orchestrate a harmonious resurgence of any business's online footprint. 

The synergy between these plans ensures a balanced and comprehensive strategy, creating a powerful online resurgence for businesses seeking a dynamic and impactful digital presence.

Client Stories

Here are examples of our satisfied customers. We will delve into detailed explanations of our strategies, methodologies, and the outcomes of our successful marketing strategies

Enoch, the owner of Squeegee Squad, a window washing and power washing company, launched his business in 2023. Today, his company stands out as one of the most prominent window cleaning businesses in the seven cities of Hampton Roads Virginia.

Client: Enoch Langat

We've been in partnership since September. In the off-season, Enock approached us with an idea for a holiday lights installation service. He sought our expertise to market this new service and capitalize on the seasonal opportunity.

Year: 2023

After thoroughly revamping his social media platforms and optimizing his Google Ads, we devised a targeted plan to identify his ideal audience. Implementing widespread advertising efforts, each post garnered 5-10 leads, transforming Enock's offseason into a highly profitable venture. In just one month, this initiative added an additional $10,000 in revenue.

Plan: Resurgence Plan 

Justin is the proprietor of the largest water treatment company in Virginia. Over the past year, he facilitated clean water access for over 500 individuals. Additionally, he owns a sales training service, successfully quadrupling the annual revenue of multiple sales-based businesses.

Client: Justin Shoemaker

Since June, we've collaborated with Justin, overseeing his social media management and planning, shooting, and producing numerous videos for all his platforms. These efforts have collectively garnered over 300,000 views.

Year: 2023

Justin has been a part of our social media plan since the beginning of our partnership. With our support, he's relieved of the concerns related to all seven of his social media platforms, enabling him to gain exposure while focusing on day-to-day operations.

Plan: Social Media Plan

Purfect Water, owned by Vincent Hess, stands as the leading water treatment company on the northeast side of America. Servicing nine states, the company continues to expand its reach.

Client: Purfect Water

At the end of 2023, we initiated our partnership with them. They faced challenges with their outdated website, expressing concerns that it projected an unprofessional image. 

Year: 2023

We conducted a comprehensive overhaul of their website, completely revamping their SEO. Additionally, we introduced a blog that efficiently drove organic traffic without the need for paid promotions. Furthermore, we implemented a user-friendly system allowing customers to conveniently schedule appointments. Within the first week and a half of the site going live, they secured 10  appointments. 

Plan: Digital Marketing

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