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Our Story

Our founder, Dylan Mehrman, pursued a business administration major at Old Dominion University. Having seized the opportunity to learn digital marketing from Google and gaining six months of hands-on experience, he cultivated a sincere passion for marketing. Motivated to assist those weighed down with marketing challenges, he transitioned from a freelance digital marketing specialist to fully dedicating himself to the field. Observing the positive impact on numerous small businesses and the satisfaction of amplifying their sales, he founded this marketing agency.

"As a multi-business owner, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to market yourself and get noticed among all the competition. That's where Resurgence Agency comes in. With our expertise, we can help you surpass the competition and achieve your marketing goals."

-Dylan Mehrman

Our Team

Dylan Mehrman

Digital Marketing Specialist

Owner of the company, certified Google Digital Marketing specialist, Meta Digital Marketing Associate, and Meta Certified Social Media Marketer. Also, possesses a passion for entrepreneurship.

Isaac Finley

Specialist In Training

Isaac is a current college student actively pursuing certifications, while also excelling in college lacrosse. He holds a genuine passion for social media marketing.

Dorian Ishmael

Specialist In Training

Dorian is on the verge of graduating college with a business administration degree and is nearing completion of his certifications. He possesses a deep passion for both snowboarding and digital marketing.

Our Approach

We believe it's absolutely necessary to comprehend how a business operates. Don't perceive us as a third party; we aim to fully understand your products, services, and, most importantly, your personality. This way, we can captivate your potential customers with a sense of trust. Our solution alleviates the headache of marketing, allowing you to concentrate on running your business. That way, you'll be able to relax, knowing we will bring people to you no matter what your business is.

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