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Business Marketing 

for a Growth Mindset

Empower your brand with our Digital Marketing agency. We leverage strategic research for targeted campaigns, ensuring success in today's dynamic market. Your success, our priority.


After meticulous research, we craft precision marketing plans tailored to your brand. Our google certified strategists, are informed by data insights and industry trends, ensuring effective campaigns that resonate in the digital landscape.


We translate research and strategic plans into impactful actions, driving revenue for our clients. Our goal is to maximize your returns by executing data-driven, targeted marketing campaigns with precision.


Isn't it time your business connected with the right audience? Let us assist you in reaching the people you need for success.

Resurgence Agency was founded by a young entrepreneur driven by a passion for business. Frustrated with the outdated and challenging experiences with marketing agencies in his previous ventures, the owner dedicated years to mastering the art of marketing for his own businesses. As friends inquired about hiring him, he pursued a Google certification for digital marketing and later earned a certification from Meta for social media marketing. This hobby evolved into a thriving marketing agency.

Our Story

Google Ads

Every marketing specialist on our team possesses Google-certified expertise in all things related to Google Ads and Google marketing. We implement cost-efficient methods to drive automated traffic precisely where you need it. Whether you're a service business or selling a product, we ensure your visibility on Google through strategic placement, even from a simple search.

Social Media

Our agency addresses all your social media challenges by tailoring each account into the perfect vessel for your brand's message. With personalized posting schedules, social media management, and the ability to craft professional ads and engaging posts, we transform your social platforms into guaranteed lead magnets.

Market Analysis

Our agency delivers a comprehensive market analysis service, leveraging advanced methodologies to uncover key insights into market trends, consumer behavior, and competitor landscapes. Our data-driven approach equips businesses with strategic intelligence for informed decision-making and sustained success in a dynamic business environment.


We utilize state-of-the-art professional filming equipment, Hollywood-grade editing software, and creative scripting to ensure that your brand's voice is effectively communicated through captivating videos, whether for a casual post or a social media ad, guaranteeing engaging content and effective lead generation.

SEO & Websites

Looking to secure a top Google ranking without spending money? We specialize in optimizing your website and all integrated search engine apps for the exposure you deserve. With our Google expertise and strategic insights, we guarantee an ascent on the search engine results page. Each one of our marketing specialists holds the keys to your spot on the top charts.

Curious About our Areas of Expertise?

Yin & Yang

Digital Marketing

Whether it's expanding reach, generating leads, or fostering customer loyalty, digital marketing is the key to unlocking the full potential of a brand in the digital era. By optimizing strategies for search engines, businesses can ensure precise targeting, increased brand awareness, and improved ROI.

Social Media 

 By strategically leveraging various social media channels, we enhance brand visibility, foster meaningful connections, and drive traffic. Whether you're a service business or product seller, our comprehensive approach ensures that your brand thrives in the competitive digital landscape, reaching and resonating with your target audience effectively.

The Perfect Synergy

Leveraging both digital marketing and social media marketing concurrently is the ideal strategy for online dominance. Conveniently, we offer this powerful combination in an all-inclusive package.

It’s all about a dialogue

A few words from our clients. See client stories for more.

Coming soon!

Vincent Hess, CEO
Purfect Water

Coming soon!

Enock Langat, CEO

Squeegee Squad

"Resurgence changed the game. We got next level ad copy and posting cadences. We saw a 400x growth across all our socials."

Justin Shoemaker, CEO
ClearWave Water Solutions

Our Packages

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